About me

Jeroen Kroon van Diest
I am Jeroen Kroon van Diest.

Lover of life, connector, master of surprises, father of a beautiful daughter and son, and husband to my incredible wife, who is also a mother to a wonderful daughter and son.

In 2018, I made the choice to resign from my stable job and take the plunge into the unknown. To pursue what I love doing the most: crafting unforgettable surprises through my company, Unique Surprises.

I've had the privilege of undertaking unique assignments for both corporate and private clients. From award ceremonies and special anniversaries to farewell occasions and marriage proposals.

The assignments that touched me the most were the marriage proposals. The moment when your partner realizes that you are going to propose. The tension and energy at that moment. All that love, that magical smile, that beautiful tear. Every time so special.

That's when I decided to fully focus on them through Huwelijksaanzoek.nl. However, the covid-period disrupted my plans. A lot of assignments were put on hold, and a challenging period ensued.

And now? I've noticed that I have a genuine desire and energy to get back to doing what brings me joy. Organizing unforgettable marriage proposals!

I see many standard proposals with light letters and balloons these days. People who don't know how to truly make this moment special. There's nothing more beautiful than putting love back into the core of my work.

In 2022, my girlfriend surprised me with a very special proposal, and half a year later, I asked her in an unforgettable way. On Sunday, July 2, 2023, we celebrated our love during a beautiful love ceremony, completely in our own style.

With great pleasure, I create and organize your unique proposal, working together with the most amazing partners.